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The King of Hose Control

Suitable for cold water, hot water, compressed air & oxy/acetylene gas

The spring rewind Recoila Gen iii hose reel has been designed to keep your hose safe and tidy so you never start a job untangling hose again. Because of its unique design using quality materials it is suitable for commercial use in a wide variety of environments.

  • Breweries & Food Production
  • Factory & municipality cleaning
  • Pneumatic air tools in workshops
  • Garden maintenance & landscaping
  • Mobile or static welding shops
3 of our top selling Recoila Gen III for compressed air, water and welding gases
Close up photo of the UPVC case and swivel inlet

Durable UPVC Case

Not just any plastic, but tough, impact resistant, corrosion resistant and UV stabilized polypropylene, with anti static and flame retardant properties

The Recoila Gen iii case offers corrosion resistance to most chemicals and is protected against UV rays that can cause other plastics to become brittle.

The cases composite material uses high quality virgin materials and offers impact resistance to everyday shocks and knocks.

Convenient Pivot Bracket

Pivoting the reel towards the operator makes unwinding and returning the hose much easier.

The pivot bracket is built into the reel case which reduces stress on the reel and bracket and requires no maintenance.

animation of the integrated pivoting bracket

Keep it clean

Openings at the top and bottom allow the reel to be cleaned and water to drain.

Air flow through the reel also reduces mold and bacteria build up .

Built in carry handle allows air flow for good hygiene

Made in Australia

Design and built by manufacturers with over 30 years experience in designing hose reels.

Compressed air hose, hot water hose and welding gas hose

Professional Hose

A hose reel is only as good as the hose.

Each reel is supplied complete with hose. We use commercial rubber hose as test have show it is more durable than standard PVC hose and is more flexible so better suited to being stored on hose reels.

Solid Brass Swivel

The internals are as good as the externals.

A factory produced solid brass swivel joint is made from pure brass for maximum reliability even in extreme conditions.

Brass swivel

Simple Install

Use the mounting hole template on the box to drill 8 holes, (bolts not supplied) and connect to your supply.

Comprehensive Warranty

A testament to our confidence in the Gen III


A viable alternative to stainless steel in food environments.

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