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Yellow is the new... Grey

At the risk of shooting ourselves in the foot with repeat business we've come up with the ultimate solution to stop hose reels getting damaged.

A massive tub of yellow paint.

Well, super hard powder coating in RAL 1021 yellow to be exact, but you get the point. Our standard hose reel colour is grey because lets face it your pressure wash hose reel its not something you'd normally point out to make other companies jealous and a grey hose reel blends nicely in the background keeping your hose tidy until next time your lorry needs a wash.

This is where the problem starts.

Drivers unfamiliar with your premises may not always see your hose reel blending into the surroundings wearing its glossy urban camo and if they don't see it. Smash. You're dragging 15 meters of beloved pressure wash hose from under a Scania and calling Hose Reels Direct to dispatch a brand a new reel.

Good for us, bad for you.

With that we decided that super bright yellow would be a far better choice of colour for busy commercial depots. We cant guarantee it will win any kudos with visiting dignitary but it does stand a better chance of being avoided by an over zealous forklift operator on a frantic Friday afternoon.

Super bright hose reels are fully enclosed in a steel case and available for main water and jet washers with up to 15meters of high quality 8mm & 12mm I.D. rubber hose.

For more information see our super bright hose reels page

Also available in grey. How dreary.

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