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Pharmaceutical Reels

operator using hose to clean stainless steel vats

Hose reels for chemical & pharmaceutical industries

Hose reels are used for wide range of fluid and gas transfer making your hose management as safe and efficient as possible.

  • Safe chemical transfer - no tripping, no hose damage & no leaks
  • Equipment wash down - efficient maintenance of all your equipment
  • Volume fluid delivery - we have hose reels available for hard to manage large bore hose
  • Portable hose reel trolleys & carts

We can supply both stainless steel or chemical resistant UPVC reels are available.

Self-retracting reels improve hygiene, enhance employee safety and prolong hose life. They can be wall or ceiling mounted and optional pivoting brackets lets the reel follow the operators movements making it easier to feed the hose back onto the reel.

Maximum efficiency, maximum safety.

Why our reels?

  1. Quality

    Long lasting, hard working hose reels capable of getting the maximum work done, every day.

  2. Selection

    The full choice of lightweight and heavy duty reels and accessories – whichever fits best with your immediate and long term needs.

  3. Expertise

    We can help you choose the right reel for the job & we know that is the one that works best for you.

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ME-070-2402-425 Spring 12mm (1/2") 25 m Compressed Air, Cold Water Stainless Steel More Info
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