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Farming & Agriculture

refueling reel being used in a farm yard

Common Applications

Pressure wash - keep your yard tidy after you've cleaned your machinery

Volume fluid transfer - Reels up to 2" or 52mm I.D. for maximum volume

Pesticide dispensing - A variety of different fluid paths are available depending on what you are using. See our
media compatibility chart for reference.

Refuelling - hose stored on reels is far less likely to be damaged and cause dangerous and expensive leaks.

Pneumatic Tools - reels for airlines to make maintenance simpler and easier.

Dairies and abattoirs - We stock a full range of hygienic stainless steel reels for businesses that require maximum sanitation.

Why our reels?

Quality - We supply from a select few manufactures so we can be sure our products are of the best quality build and materials.

Professional equipment - We only supply heavy duty hose reels designed specifically to perform and industrial environments. You can be confident our products wont let you down.

More Info
112-3-150 Manual Crank 10mm (3/8") 45 Compressed Air, Hot & Cold Water, Jet Wash, Oil & Grease Steel More Info
117-4-350 Manual Crank 12mm (1/2") 105 m Compressed Air, Cold Water, Oil Steel More Info
1600 Series Custom Various Various Air, Water, Oil, Fuel (Including AvGas & AdBlue) Steel More Info
G1218-001 Spring 12mm (1/2") 18 m Cold Water UPVC Plastic More Info
HDWG-12 N/A 12mm (1/2") N/A Hot & Cold Water Brass Body More Info
ME-070-1307-118 Spring 06mm (1/4") 18 m Grease Steel More Info
ME-070-1408-515 Spring 19mm (3/4") 15 m Fuel Steel More Info
ME-070-1409-515 Spring 19mm (3/4") 15 m AdBlue® (DEF) Steel More Info
ME-070-2402-425 Spring 12mm (1/2") 25 m Compressed Air, Cold Water Stainless Steel More Info
OP615-001 Spring 06mm (1/4") 15 m Oxy/Propane UPVC Plastic More Info
SHW-N-375-BGX-OP Spring 10mm (3/8") 23 m Oxy/Propane Steel More Info
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