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Mining & Construction

construction working using pavment breaker

Using hose reels for construction

Pneumatic tools, oxy acetylene welding & cutting, refuelling and pressure washing are all jobs requiring hose management. Efficiency and safety can be increased by using the right hose reel for the right job.

Hydraulic Tools – Make using high impact pavement breakers and jackhammers easier and safer and the heavy duty stiff siamese hose easier to control.

Bowser Refuelling – Whether refuelling fleet vehicles from a portable bowser or a static bunded fuel tank an additional hose reel is guaranteed to increase efficient and fuel hose life

Why our reels?

  1. Quality

    Long lasting, hard working hose reels capable of getting the maximum work done, every day.

  2. Selection

    The full choice of lightweight and heavy duty reels and accessories – whichever fits best with your immediate and long term needs.

  3. Expertise

    We can help you choose the right reel for the job & we know that is the one that works best for you.

More Info
112-3-150 Manual Crank 10mm (3/8") 45 Compressed Air, Hot & Cold Water, Jet Wash, Oil & Grease Steel More Info
117-4-225-DM Manual Crank 12mm (1/2") 69 m Compressed Air, Cold Water, Oil Steel More Info
1600 Series Custom Various Various Air, Water, Oil, Fuel (Including AvGas & AdBlue) Steel More Info
EZ-T Series More Info
HP-N-160-BGX Spring 06mm (1/4") 20 m Grease Steel More Info
ME-070-1307-118 Spring 06mm (1/4") 18 m Grease Steel More Info
ME-070-1408-515 Spring 19mm (3/4") 15 m Fuel Steel More Info
ME-070-1409-515 Spring 19mm (3/4") 15 m AdBlue® (DEF) Steel More Info
ME-070-2402-425 Spring 12mm (1/2") 25 m Compressed Air, Cold Water Stainless Steel More Info
ME-074-4504-315Y Spring 10mm (3/8") 15 m Hot Water Steel Enclosed More Info
P-LP-450-BGX Spring 12mm (1/2") 15 m Compressed Air, Cold Water Steel More Info
SHW-N-375-BGX-OP Spring 10mm (3/8") 23 m Oxy/Propane Steel More Info
SHWL-N-1100-BGX Spring 06mm (1/4") 30 m Oxy/Acetylene Steel More Info
SLP-4100-BGX Spring 12mm (1/2") 31 m Compressed Air, Cold Water Steel More Info
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