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wall mounting stainless steel hose reel in a brewery

Keeping your brewery clean and sanitised has never been easier.

Our general purpose hose reels are perfect for breweries, wineries, cold coffee brew houses and all areas of food production.

Designed to keep your brewers safe from tripping hazards and make life easier for them, and you.

Just a handful of breweries using our reels to keep things in tip top conditions

Client logos featuring; Wylam, Beavertown, The Cronx, Wimbledon, Wild Beer Co, The Garden Brewery, Tickety Brew and Mad hatters breweries

Most Popular Hose Reels

example of AISI 304 stainless steel hose reel

Stainless Steel (304)

  • Industry standard for breweries, distilleries and food production
  • Non-corrosive
  • Offers maximum hygiene
  • Extremely robust and pound for pound the best value stainless steel reel available
wall mounted UPVC Recoila hose reel, corrosion resistant, great value


  • Great for economy & budget
  • Case is corrosion resistant and protects against impacts
  • Can be easily cleaned for maximum hygiene
  • Most robust UPVC available

Why Our Reels

  • Reliable products, designed and engineered in Europe
  • Field proven with years of service in many breweries around the UK and Europe
  • A wide range of pricing and great support to help you choose the best reel for you.

Our most popular products are listed below

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More Info
HDWG-12 N/A 12mm (1/2") N/A Hot & Cold Water Brass Body More Info
HDWG-12-SS N/A 12mm (1/2") N/A Hot & Cold Water Stainless Steel Body More Info
HW1215-001 Spring 12mm (1/2") 15 m Hot & Cold Water Cleaning UPVC Plastic More Info
ME-070-2302-415 Spring 12mm (1/2") 15 m Hot & Cold Water Cleaning Stainless Steel More Info
ME-070-2304-415 Spring 12mm (1/2") 15 m Up to 150°C Hot Water & Jet Wash Stainless Steel More Info
ME-070-2305-315CO2 Spring 10mm (3/8") 15 m CO2 Stainless Steel More Info
ME-070-2402-425 Spring 12mm (1/2") 25 m Compressed Air, Cold Water Stainless Steel More Info
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Only our most popular reels are listed

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