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Ground Support & Aviation

Reliability when it matters most

Reels for static & mobile Avgas (Jet A1) refueling and ground support vehicles

For  general maintenance see our workshop reels and fabrication reels

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112-3-150 Manual Crank 10mm (3/8") 45 Compressed Air, Hot & Cold Water, Jet Wash, Oil & Grease Steel More Info
1125-6-100-SP Hand Crank 25mm (1") 30 m Oil,Fuel,Kerosene (Avgas) Stainless Steel More Info
1600 Series Custom Various Various Air, Water, Oil, Fuel (Including AvGas & AdBlue) Steel More Info
ME-070-2503-600 Spring 25mm (1") 13 m Fuel,Kerosene (Avgas) Stainless Steel More Info
P-LP-335-BGX Spring 10mm (3/8") 10 m Compressed Air, Cold Water Steel More Info
SD-100 Spring N/A 31 m Static Discharge Steel More Info
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