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Industry standard manual rewind hose reel the 1125 Series is a compact yet heavy duty hand wind reel. Designed for easy operation in keeping hose long lengths of hose off the floor and stopping potential hose damage and reducing tripping hazards.

Control long lengths of hose safely and conveniently

Why purchase this reel?

  • Industry standard - The 1125 Series is designed and engineered using years of experience by the best hose reel designers in the world
  • Low profile riser - The inlet is set into the drum so the hose wraps easily and neatly unlike some standard reels where the gooseneck protrudes causing uneven wraps and making it hard to recoil longer lengths of hose. The low profile riser is exclusive to this range of reels.

    1125 Series low profile riser

    See a video of Coxreels explaining in more detail here ►

  • Fully welded frame - The whole frame is robotically welded making it one of the strongest reels available. It also makes the reel more suitable for vehicle mounting as there is no bolts to shake loose.
    See a video of Coxreels explaining the benefits of the fully welded frame here

  • Floating bearing - The floating bearing takes the load of the frame and axle causing less distortion and adding years to the life of your reel. 
    See a video of Coxreels explaining the floating bearing here

  • Friction Brake - Fitted as standard the friction brake stops the hose reel spinning freely and releasing to much hose.

  • External fluid path - The swivel is fitted to the side of the reel allowing easy installation and hose changes.

  • Pin Lock - Locks the reel in place when its not in use, perfect for installing in vehicles. 

"This is backed by a 2 year manufacturer's limited warranty.”

Recommended Applications

  • The 1125 Series has a wide range of applications wherever hose is being used.
  • Its strong enough for heavy duty construction & industrial plant applications, yet compact & lightweight enough for lawn care & indoor wash down.
  • We have supplied hose reels for car washing, oil transfer, farm yard cleaning, pressure wash cleaning vehicles, maintenance vehicles & many more.

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As standard this reel is supplied without hose. High quality hose can be quoted for individual applications, please contact us for details.

You can also make it a portable hose reel with an additional hose cart

Don’t start each job untangling hose, get the job done.

Rewind Method Manual Crank
I.D. (Inside Diameter) 10mm (3/8")
Length (m) 42 m
Pressure (BAR) 210
Type of Hose Call for Details
Supplied with Hose No
No. of Hoses Single Hose
Media Compressed Air, Cold Water, Oil
Construction Steel
Weight 16
Dimensions (mm) See Downloads Tab
Max. Working Temp. 99°C
Seals Nitrile
Material Brass
Inlet 1/2" NPT
Outlet 1/2" NPT

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1125-4-100 Manual Rewind for 42m of 10mm for Air, Water or Oil hose

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